God of War

China | 2017 | Action, History | 2h 8m | NR

Director: Gordon Chan

Stars: Wenzhuo Zhao, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Yasuaki Kurata

During the 16th century, Japanese pirates proliferate along the Chinese coastline. In 1557, the pirates take over Cengang in Zhejiang. After months of futile advances, Commander Yu finally defeats them under the leadership of newly promoted General Qi, and the pirates attempt to escape.

Love Off the Cuff

Hong Kong | 2017 | Romance | 2h 1m | NR

Director: Ho-Cheung Pang

Stars: Shawn Yue, Miriam Chin Wah Yeung, Shiga Lin

Back in 2010, Jimmy and Cherie fell in love in the back alleys of Hong Kong smoking cigarettes. In 2012, they both found a new love in a new city, but they ultimately decided to stay together. In 2017, Cherie and Jimmy must brave the stormy seas to save their relationship. Can Cherie and Jimmy beat the seven-year itch?

The Villainess

South Korea | 2017 | Action, Crime, Drama | 2h 9m | NR

Director: Byung-gil Jung

Stars: Ok-bin Kim, Ha-kyun Shin, Jun Sung

Sook-hee is a trained assassin who was just a little girl when her training began in China. When given the chance of starting a new life after her mentor died, she went to South Korea as a government agent. They promised her freedom after ten years of service, so she begins her new life as a theater actress.

Blade of the Immortal

Japan | 2017 | Action, Drama | 2h 20m | R

Director: Takashi Miike

Stars: Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sôta Fukushi

Haunted by his sister’s brutal murder, fearless samurai Manji becomes cursed with immortality after a legendary battle. Manji knows that only by fighting evil will he regain his soul, so he helps a young girl named Rin avenge her parents, who were killed by a group of master swordsmen led by the ruthless warrior Anotsu.

APIX Classic of the Week

Infernal Affairs

Hong Kong | 2002 | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 1h 41m | R

Director: Wai-Keung Lau, Alan Mak

Stars: Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Andy Lau, Tony Chiu Wai Leung

APix Classic: A police officer goes undercover into a Triad, and a member of that Triad infiltrates the Hong Kong Police Force. Each mole has been planted to gain an advantage in intelligence over the other side. As the moles become more involved in their undercover lives, they are forced to cope with increasingly deadlier issues.

Thailand | 2016 | Comedy, Romance | 2h 10m | NR Director: Araya Suriharn Stars: Mai Davika Hoorne, Saharat Sangkapreecha, Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram
China | 2016 | Crime | 1h 50m | NR Director: Baoping Cao Stars: Bowen Duan, Fengyi Zhang, Xiaoye Liu
Philippines | 2016 | Drama | 1h 50m | NR Director: Brillante Mendoza Stars: Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz, Baron Geisler
South Korea | 2016 | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 2h 24m | NR Director: Chan-wook Park Stars: Jung-woo Ha, Jin-woong Jo, Min-hee Kim
Hong Kong | 2016 | Drama | 1h 41m | NR Director: Chun Wong Stars: Eric Tsang, Shawn Yue, Elaine Jin
China | 2016 | Action, Adventure, Crime | 2h 3m | NR Director: Dante Lam Stars: Wenjuan Feng, Baoguo Chen, Xudong Wu
Cambodia | 2016 | Drama | 1h 41m | NR Director: Davy Chou Stars: Sobon Nuon, Cheanick Nov, Madeza Chhem
Vietnam | 2016 | Action | 1h 50m | NR Director: Ham Tran Stars: Kate Nhung, Thanh Pham, Petey Majik Nguyen
Japan | 2016 | Drama | 1h 57m | NR Director: Hirokazu Koreeda Stars: Hiroshi Abe, Yôko Maki, Taiyô Yoshizawa
South Korea | 2016 | Action, Drama, Thriller | 2h 20m | NR Director: Jee-woon Kim Stars: Kang-ho Song, Byung-hun Lee, Yoo Gong
Taiwan | 2016 | Drama | 1h 40m | NR Director: Jenny Lu Stars: Josh Whitehouse, Lorraine Stanley, Teresa Daley
Philippines | 2016 | Comedy, Drama | 2h | R Director: Jun Lana Stars: Paolo Ballesteros, Joel Torre, Gladys Reyes
Singapore | 2016 | Drama | 1h 55m | NR Director: Junfeng Boo Stars: Firdaus Rahman, Wan Hanafi Su, Mastura Ahmad
Philippines | 2016 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 1h 56m | NR Director: Mikhail Red Stars: Mary Joy Apostol, Ku Aquino, John Arcilla
Indonesia | 2016 | Comedy | 1h 48m | NR Director: Upi Avianto Stars: Reza Rahadian, Bunga Citra Lestari, Alex Abbad
China | 2016 | Drama | 1h 56m | NR Director: Yang Chao Stars: Hao Qin, Kai Tan, Hongwei Wang
Malaysia | 2016 | Drama, Family | 2h | NR Director: Jess Teong Stars: Lung Ti, Sarah Tan, Jessica Hester Hsuan
Japan | 2016 | Drama, Fantasy | 1h 43m | NR Director: Akira Nagai Stars: Gaku Hamada, Mieko Harada, Anna Ishii
Today in History

February 24, 2013

Ang Lee (Taiwan) won his second Academy Award for Best Achievement in Directing for The Life of Pi.

In 2005, Lee won his first Best Director Oscar for Brokeback Mountain.
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